Fast Business Funding

If you need financial help for your small business, there is the company that will be of great help to you. Fast Business Funding promises to be a good funding source for merchants who are not able to take loans through traditional lenders. In this way, this company is revolutionizing the methods of financing traditional business. But can this company really help people who need money for their business? Let's take a look at the facts we have learned about the company... read more

AARP Credit Card from Chase

The AARP Card from Chase is a new rewards credit card that claims to offer industry-leading rewards on definite types of net purchases. It is strange but you can seldom see this card among the best-in-class cards available today. What is good about this credit card is that anyone can apply for it, with no need to be a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). The company behind this card advises to view it as a cash rewards card, not an AARP card... read more

Atomic Zoom

Atomic Zoom is a zoom lens that can be attached to your phone to provide you with better zoom photos. In this way, you won't need to zoom in on a grainy photo you took at a distance, but get high quality photos without buying a professional camera. You will not have to worry about the pics you are taking from a public space or from your car that is far away. The device is made of professional grade aluminum and glass. Its high-definition snap-on lens is claimed to turn any... read more

Block Cop

Nowadays, almost every modern person has a smartphone charging block lying around the house. It seems to be a good idea to implement a wide angle HD camera and a microphone into one of these devices. Today we are going to discuss one of them. Block Cop is an audio recorder and HD video camera presented as a USB charging block. In this way, the USB charger contains a hidden audio recorder and a wide angle high definition video camera. The product can be bought from its... read more

Wells Fargo Platinum Card

The Wells Fargo Platinum Card is a basic balance transfer card that is suitable for those who wish to pay down credit card debt fast, especially if this person is a Wells Fargo customer. The card offers cell phone insurance which is available only if you pay your bill with this card. Other attributes are not as attractive. Here is basic information you need to know about this card. This balance transfer card offers several benefits that attract people looking to pay down debt. It features lengthy 0% APR period... read more

Zum Rides

Zum Rides is an application-based service that provides reliable, safe, family-focused childcare services and ride-sharing. The service was specially created for busy families and is available seven days a week for children over five years of age. After booking a recurring or one-time ride, you will see the driver's profile and picture within twelve hours of the scheduled pick up. After that, you will receive a notification once pickup takes place and have a chance to track the ride live... read more


FoundersCard is a special membership group for creative professionals and entrepreneurs that charges a $95 initiation fee and a $595 yearly fee. Membership includes access to networking events, an actual card, and over 500 travel and lifestyle benefits. The group began its existence as a series of networking meetings where entrepreneurs could talk and make connections that would challenge and encourage them. Time passed and travel brands learnt about... read more

Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate is actually a mortgage website that can be used for purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage. It is a unique website as it is to be the only digital lender available on the internet. They use an automated underwriting process for approval. All loans come directly from the company, not a third-party lender. Guaranteed Rate has become more popular within the past two years due to the active marketing campaign with the participation of... read more

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is a company that has its specific margin rates, industry-leading commissions schedule, and excellent support for international trading. It was founded about 40 years ago and since then has presented one universal portal through which customers can trade on more than one hundred market centers in twenty-four countries, and deal in options, stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex, futures, and CFDs... read more


Expedia is a company that was founded in 1996 by Microsoft and has attracted tens of millions of customers in the country by offering different kinds of services from car rentals to cruises. Despite its longevity, the company boasts a modern and friendly website and great mobile applications both of which can be used for comparing prices no matter where you are. The company has become so popular that it has received highly positive rating from many websites. It was outranked by Google Maps and... read more


HostGator is a company that was established in 2002 and has offered high-quality hosting services since then. At present, they harbor 850 employees and manage more than 8,000,000 domains. Their hosting services are well developed and provide a lot of beneficial features. Let us take a look at the major ones. When signing up for any hosting package through Hostgator, you are going to get 4,500 free web templates, full cPanel access, a $100 AdWords offer, FrontPage Extensions, unlimited MySQL databases... read more

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a company that features a fleet of all-inclusive twelve modern and highly elegant ships that sail to locations throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Antilles, Northern Europe, South Africa, South America, as well as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman. This offer is suitable not only for couples but also for families and even singles who may succeed to find their second half right on the ship. The company has a $5.4 billion investment plan and claims to be the fastest developing cruise line... read more


Instead of attending many different booking websites available on the internet, you can use the service of Trivago, a company with an official website that claims to be the largest information and hotel search website in the world. It allows you to compare hotel prices gathered from more than 200 booking websites. In this way, the company promises that you will have a chance to see more than 700,000 hotels, and to save about 35% compared to booking your room through a hotel. With this company... read more

Vacations To Go

If you have ever had an irresistible desire to pack your bags, take a cruise ship, and sail somewhere far away, you may like the idea of Vacations to Go. This is the company that claims to provide you with discount cruises, so that you will be able to save up to 82% on last-minute cruises from any destinations, cruise companies, and ports of departure. Does the company really make the process as convenient and easy as claimed? Do they really provide the best deals in the country... read more

Pathway Genomics

Pathway Genomics provides deep insight into major factors that have a negative impact on human health. In conjunction with your personal physician, the company intends to provide you with personalized treatment options to maintain and improve your wellness. All of their tests are thoroughly analyzed in their CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory located in San Diego, CA. The company promises to deliver the most modern scientifically developed genetic testing... read more

Peloton Cycle

Peloton Cycle is an indoor exercise bike with a sleek construction that includes a sturdy steel frame with silent belt drive due to which you can ride it quietly any time of the day. The bike is easy-to-use and has an interactive touchscreen and a solid yet compact footprint, which makes the bike suitable for any home. Its 21.5" HD touchscreen display with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity will provide you with access to twelve daily live studio classes and more than 3,000 of on-demand classes... read more

Perfecter Fusion Styler

The Perfecter Fusion Styler is an all-in-one hair styler brush that promises to provide you with salon results in just a few minutes, including volume, instant shine, and body. Besides, the Perfecter is able to fully heat in just one minute, and to stay cool to the touch while being used. This "As Seen on TV" product was invented by stylist Maria McCool. Today, it is manufactured by Tristar Products based out of Fairfield, NJ, the company that manufactures a wide variety of other... read more


Switchmate is a magnetic light controller that works on an AA-battery and clings to the screws holding up your current switch plate. All you have to do in order to install it is to snap it on. The simplicity of setup is the greatest advantage of this product, as you don't have to deal with a lot of wires. Here, these are the magnets that do the heavy lifting. Because Switchmate doesn't have any wires, it relies on batteries and uses low-power Bluetooth tech rather than Wi-Fi... read more

Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo is a product manufactured by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. The company is based out of Newton, MA. This is a complete cleaning system that promises to be a perfect flooring and carpet cleaning system breakthrough in the last years. According to the manufacturer, your carpets will get 150% brighter, and you will get rid of stuck-on dirt four times more than vacuuming only. The company's official website is informative enough for you to get all the necessary information you need about the product... read more


Imagine that you are alerted regularly with texts informing you of the most beneficial airline deals. This can be real with DealRay, a company that was founded by a two travel bargain hunters. Their modern team understands well that it is not necessary to pay through the nose in order to get a great travel experience. There is a better solution. If you sign up for DealRay's service, you will get an opportunity to receive instant text messages with the cheapest airfare deals on your phone... read more


LendKey is a company with their own official website that cooperates with credit unions to provide private student loans, student loan refinancing, and home improvement loans. There is a quote on their homepage saying that all if their loans are financed by community lenders that prioritize people over profits and come with low rates. The company was founded in 2007 and is also known as LendKey Technologies, Inc. Vince Passione is the company's founder and CEO. The major approach of LendKey is to serve people... read more